AJ Global Logistics | Live Plant; Food
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Live Plant; Food

Usually transported by Reefers, subject to temperature and climate at destination. Special packaging and treatments may be required.

Live Plant; Food

These seems to be harmless products, however you may experience instances whereby the customs checkpoint stop you from bringing a live plant from Johor or other countries into Singapore. Do you know why? The Customary reason is a lack of phytosanitary certification etc.


Import regulations tend to be extremely volatile. Regulations are often adopted without notification and some written regulations have been around for years but never invoked becomes suddenly enforced. Often these shifts are in response to specific trade and sanitary issues. We will ensure that the cargo will clear customs and that all of the required documentation are approved to avoid any surprises to our client.

Service Highlights

20ft / 40ft Reefers; Phytosanitary Certificates; Permit and Food License; Climate and Temperature Control