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We build upon our solid fundamentals to ensure sustained long term growth for resilience.

Who We Are

The first to introduce an array of visionary products and services especially for those that work with us, choose to embrace tomorrow and the future with open arms because one trendsetter recognizes another. Established in 2006, AJ Global Logistics Supply Chain Management is focused on identifying strategic opportunities in the existing logistical terrain in addition to delivering value adding for all relevant stakeholders by creating competitive advantage through cost, efficiency and speed.


Singapore is a transit hub strategically and geographically located in Asia Pacific ideally suitable for this business model.


The co-founder of AJ Global Logistics Pte Ltd, Mr Alan Lim, is also a veteran in the shipping and logistics industries since 1980.


During the SINO-Malay sectarian riots in the 1969, his family migrated from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore. His parents struggled to make ends meet to put the children thru basic education. After his ‘O’ level, Mr Alan joined the airfreight industry as a cargo hand in the then Paya Lebar airport cargo complex in 1980. Since then, he has spent many years learning the ropes from many mentors with regards to shipping different types of products and cargoes using different types of shipping equipment and handling multi modal transportation from end-to-end. Not to be left out when Singapore was building itself to be an Asian hub, he picked up knowledge and experience for managing warehousing and transhipping general and bulky project cargoes. At the same time, he also furthered his studies by attending night classes for higher learnings with regards to general management, accounting and legal framework for shipping


In order to improve his understanding of cross border and other countries’ customs and cultures, he travelled widely to further his oversea co-operations. By gaining his trust from the large pool of overseas agents and members, he has being able to deliver shipments after shipments seamlessly without much hitch on a personal basis.


In 2011, he was approached to setup a JV for a Singapore office. Simultaneously, he setup a Malaysia office too. As the JV partner ventured into a non-shipping industry trade, he choose to buy out his partner’s share and AJ Global Logistics was born a 100% Singapore company.


The company is led by a team of executives with many years of knowledge and experience providing airfreight or seafreight services via various modes of transportation using general dry boxes, flat racks, UC or breakbulk modes. Although the industry has enjoyed much upgrades thru changes of soft and hard ware technologies over the years. However, overall the industry is still quite fragmented. Hence, each shipment is still monitored and updated to our clients on a daily and personal basis by our professional team.


e-commence platforms emerged to cater to mainly smaller physical merchandise of lesser value. AJ emerge to cater to mid or larger physical size products with more value on a timely end-to-end delivery. To further augment this service, AJ is also providing warehousing and pick & pack services to merchandiser who are less keen or find it infeasible using e-commence platforms whereby lead time is still compromised by many supply chain challenges.


We offer reliable services coupled with competitive quotes and contingent plans when handling your shipments such as
import or export or tranship or storing different types of industrial products /cargoes. Our main corridors are Asia Pacific especially Australia/NZ, North Asia, Middle East, Europe and U.S.A.


AJ Global Logistics is ISO certified, a founding member of COOP global network and also, a member of JC, SLA & FIATA